Bill-C250 and The Issue on Same Sex Marriage

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Throughout history of mankind, same-sex unions have always been around. In almost every civilization that had been around before our present day, we can find evidence that there were forms of homosexual activity through history records, or the literature and myths of that time. In the bible, it talks about how towns Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by God because of their evil doings, which includes same-sex relationships. This shows that already in the bible times, there were places that had such activities. Furthermore, in the myths and literature of Mesopotamia, it contains substantial evidence that same-sex unions were about during those times. In the times of classical Greece and Rome, there is also tangible evidence of same-sex unions and even marriages were present in their society.

Although same-sex unions and marriages have been around for a long time, peoples' views, reactions and tolerance levels towards such acts vary largely during different times.

Sometimes, homosexuals would be persecuted because of what they are and their attraction to those of the similar sex, while other times they may be accepted into the society. Since we live in a democratic country like Canada, where people's freedoms and rights are highly prioritized, it would be expected that these people would be allowed their freedom of choice and be allowed to choose their partner regardless of their sex, and those that object against their homosexual practices and acts should just tolerate it. However, tolerance and compromise are two different things altogether. Tolerance would be not poking fun at the queer people, and giving them equal opportunities in what they do, while to compromise is a totally different matter altogether.

Same-sex marriage in Canada has recently become a largely controversial issue among the more conservative people and the liberals. With the introduction of the Bill-C250,