Bill Cosby

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Biography Introduction Hi my name is Chevon Joseph. This is my biography about Bill Cosby.

I admire Bill Cosby, because he accomplished many things in life. Bill Cosby is One of the richest men alive today. Bill Cosby is one of the best selling authors in America.

He is also a commercial spokesmen for Jello, Kodak and Coco-Cola. Bill Cosby recorded More than 27 albums and received 5 grammy awards.

Bill Cosby was born July 12,1937. Bill Cosby was born in Philidelphia. He grew up In the all black Richard Allen housing project. His mom Anna Cosby struggled to raise Him and his two older brothers, russel and robert cosby. Bill cosby father william cosby,served as Mess steward in the u.s army.

When bill cosby was small he used to love comedy. When bill cosby was in the 5th grade He used to get up in front of the class and make every one laugh even his teacher.

Bill cosbys Iq led the teachers to place him in a class for gifted students. Bill cosby favorite are