Bill Cosby, the biography of the comedian.

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One of the most famous comedians of all time today is Bill Cosby. Bill or known as William Henry Cosby Jr. was born on July 12, 1937 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was the oldest son of four sons of William (Senior) and Anna Pearl. His father became depressed because it was hard for him to earn enough money as his family grew, so he began to drink. Hard times came for the Cosby family, of which they moved into a cheaper apartment. After few years, Bill's father left for the Navy. At first, he sent paychecks home, but gradually it stopped and he was gone for good. Bill, now eight was man of the house. Despite the vigorous poverty conditions the Cosbys faced, Bill and his mother made sure their home was never a place of sadness. Bill developed his own sense of humor that kept him through problems he faced by himself and his family.

He turned painful situations and made them funny. Bill Cosby didn't have a clue that he was going to be one of America's best comedians.

At the age of nineteen, Bill escaped the tough city streets of Philly and joined the navy before finishing high school. During his four years of service he worked relentlessly to get a high school diploma. He left the navy in 1960 and went to Temple to continue his education. Soon after entering the university he began his careers a comedian performing in nightclubs. His reputation spread nation-wide and broke racial barriers in the entertainment industry. In 1964, Bill played in the series "I Spy", it was about two secret agents who had thrilling adventures around the world. Bill Cosby was the first black star to get a major role in a dramatic television series. He married Camille Hanks...