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"Bill Gates and his empire command fear, respect and curiosity in the world he

helped create. Microsoft dominates the software world like no other company in a major

consumer industry" (Electric 1). Exactly how did Bill Gates and his partner Paul Allen get

their company to such a big height? The history of Microsoft is a very interesting past full

of enterprise and excitement. The Dawning of a great company Bill Gates and Paul Allen

are the co-founders of Microsoft. The start of their great success started in high school on

a computer terminal. All their free time and money was spent working on that terminal.

The development that really set up everything, in the business sense was when they found

an article in 1971, in a business magazine about Intel's 4004 chip (Billionaires 70). Soon

they both talked about the chip and decided that the microprocessor can only get better.

Later in the year Intel came out with a newer chip called the 8008. Bill and Paul then went

out and bought their own 8008 for $360 (Billionaires 70). They thought plan in which

Gates and Allen would use this chip to make a computer to do traffic - volume - count

analysis. Gates and Allen then set up their first "company" called Traf-O-Data (Billionaires

70). "In 1973 the duo landed their first authentic jobs, helping TRW in Vancouver,

Washington, to use minicomputers for the management and distribution of power from

hydroelectric dams" (Billionaires 70). Gates' parents wanted him to go to Harvard instead

of going into business with Allen. Inevitably, Gates convinced his friend to move to

Boston so they could work together, and Allen could get a job programming. It was a

magazine article that would ultimately change their lives. A cover story in Popular

Electronics describing...