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Bill gates contribution to the product development of microsoft In just a span of 5 years Microsoft Corporation experienced a ten-fold increase in revenues from $197 million in 1986 to $ 1.8 billion in 1991 and its net income from $39 to $463 million. This phenomenal surge in profits can be attributed to the success of their PC application software and operating systems software. This, however, would not have been possible without Microsoft's CEO, Bill Gates, passion for product development.

Gates is a very product-oriented person and believes that in order to compete in its industry the company needed to come out with very innovative products- products that could even dislodge their competitors. For this reason he personally manages the company's product development.

Whenever there is a product strategy question, one could be sure that Gates will be involved. He works closely with the company's Vice President for Systems Software, Steve Ballmer, and Vice President for Applications software, Mike Maples, to guarantee that all issues concerning the company products are known to him.

In truth, he spends half of his time devoted to the development of new products.

He defines his role as "to set product direction for the company" and makes sure that he is involved in every step of the process. Starting with an idea for a new product, Gates and his top managers look backward to determine the level of staffs and other resources required. After the product direction has been set, Gates works closely with the top technical architects of the company and spends time with the developers. Product review meetings were also regularly held by Gates. These meetings were known for its sharp and persistent questioning, harsh criticism and ambitious deadlines.

As the complexity of Microsoft products grew and the need for software products...