Bill’s Little Girl

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Character Sketch 1. Bill is a sensitive and unselfish These qualities of sensitivity and unselfishness are implied in the father's anxiety for his child and his sacrifice of her companionship.

2. He was a very hard worker everyday While little Mina played in the yard he was always in the shop working and watching the little girl play.

3. He was extremely eager to learn anything Every day that he wanted to make dinner he only made coffee and bacon, and fried potatoes and flapjacks, when the woman next door said this was not diet for four-year-olds, he asked if she could take the time to teach him to cook. Every time she was available, he asked to teach her something new.

4. He was very compassionate and loving He gave her a kiss every night and made sure she said her prayers before bed. He always knew what was best for little Mina.

5. Bill was tender to his daughter He made sure she was taken care of anytime he was unable. When he got sick, he gave her away to the best parents who would always be there for her 6. He was strong in emotion word everyone When only had 6 months to live he made sure that he didn't get her sick and that he made sacrifices to not kiss her so she would be well and healthy.