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The Right Intention theory is a hard one to answer. Agreeing with the theory can be proved as just. As the Middle East Peace Worker said, killing the people behind the tragedy may only cause more tragedies and more wars to occur. War can be declared through Right Intention because we are declaring war to protect a nation as a whole, not a few people. We are not declaring war on Afghanistan or any particular country; we are declaring war on terrorism itself. We want to find the people responsible for the tragedy and to stop all camps and actions being taken on all people, across the world.

The Right Intention theory does not satisfy the criteria. We should not only declare war for protection, retaliation for all those innocent people who were lost should be considered. The terrorists are not the only ones that must be considered. There are people in Afghanistan and other countries that are looking at the Taliban government, the Al Queda, and Osama bin Laden as heroes to the Islamic faith are who are overjoyed by the state that are country is in after the terrorist attack.

Killing the terrorist and bin Laden himself would definitely be justified. A report on uncovers a plot by bin Laden to assassinate George W. Bush. Bin Laden denies the plane, but another tape of Osama was uncovered where he is bragging about the bombing of the USS Cole. He also congratulated the terrorists for the attack on our nation.