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As you know, to build something you first have to have and architect lay a plan out for you. Drawing a plan for any type of construction has its up or downs. Not only do you have to be precise but you have to mathematical skills to make sure everything is in its correct place, at the exact angle and have the right dimensions. A good example of a difficult construction would be that of the Biltmore Estates. The house is one huge math problem in itself. It has wonderful and detailed, architectural design, beautiful gardens, and interesting facts that lead back to the late 18th century.

In 1880 when George Vanderbilt came to Ashville, North Carolina he love it so much that he bought 125,000 acres to build a future home for him and his future wife. Little did he know that many years down the road it would be a huge tourist attraction to many.

Known for its outmost designs, the effort that was put into the architecture and details was done by Richard Morris Hunt. The house was done in a French Renaissance style and took over 10 years, after buying his land, to build this 255-room "Castle." Vanderbilt wanted to duplicate the style of the magnificent European estates. The design of the house included a bowling ally, a swimming pool, personal gym, art work from around the world and a library with over 100 volumes.

Not only is the house itself a beautiful work of art but the surrounding gardens are known for the amazing landscaping. Vanderbilt hired Fredrick Law Olmsted to design the surrounding gardens. Olmstead is very well known for his design of New York's, Central Park. With its roundabout entrance you can experience the geometrical gardens that were fully based on an...