Binladen & Hitler,

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Binladen and Hitler

In this essay I will tell the similarities between Binladen and Hitler. First I will tell some things about Hitler then Binladen and what they have in common.

Hitler was the man behind the Holocaust. He was jealous of the Jews success and health so he used them as a scapegoat to distract his people from looking at problems of the "Great Depression." Based on looks and relation to Judaism, people were put in several camps. Not only were there Jews but also gays, gypsies, Catholic or anybody who wasn't Aryan were included in his torturing. There were work camps and death camps. His prejudice went so far, it went beyond Jews to blacks, Muslims or anyone who didn't see it Hitler's way.

Biladen is the man behind the terrorist attacks. There was even a video found where he was found laughing and bragging about the attack.

Binladen hates Americans just as much as Hitler hated Jews. He owns this famous attraction over in Afghanistan and said he doesn't want Americans on his grounds. It isn't fair to exclude a group from a world famous attraction. That's just plain prejudice.

Both Hitler and Binladen have made significant part of world history with their doings. Binladen killed thousands of innocent people with those crashings and Hitler killed over 6 million. Both men didn't directly do the crimes but they were the minds behind those events. They did these things cause of what, simply prejudice. Binladen was the oldest son of a wealthy father of 50 children. He shouldn't have time to even be prejudice with all hose siblings. As far as Hitler, it is believed that he is not 100% Arial. His grandmother was supposedly Jewish.