Bio 207 notes "animal physiology"

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Compare to air, water has higher density, Water has higher heat capacity, lower oxygen content, higher electrical conductivity, higher viscosityFish is osmoconformer, human is osmoregulatorThe importance in regulating the cell concentration is that it affect the protein functionIt affect the PH in the bodyIt correct the concentration gradient across the cell membranceBody size is one of animals most important traits like in the length of gestation scales increase with increasing the body sizeLizard can function at tissue temperature of 45 C to 55 C that make the temperature an equilibrium process in his tissueEquilibrium with environment is not possible, living thing keep difference between the Environment and the internal body using energyHomeostasis is the process by which the system mantains internal constancyTropical rainforest is the most biome that has plants and animalsThe difference between the protein channel and ionic channel:The ease with which a solute can diffuse directly through the lipid interior of the cell membrane depends on the hydrophobic or hydrophilic nature of the solute: Lipid solute such steriod hormones is hydrophobic so it can pass because it dissolves in the interior hydrophobic part of the cell membrane, however, hydrophilic can't passKeep in mind the cell membrane consists of hydrophilic part outside and hydrophobic part inside , and the only things that can pass it is O2 (because it is small) , thyroid hormones and nitric oxideIonic channel is selective not by the channel itself but by electrical gradient between the outside membrane and insideGate channel is different form: voltage channel, stretch gated channel, phosohorylation gated channel and ligand gated channelThe only two thing that determine D in fick diffusion equation is permeability of the membrane and the temperatureAdoptation is refer to natural selection in one way or another that refer to change between generation and the nextAcclimatization is...