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Steven Raydam


Radiant Radish Seeds Rough Design

Undecided between using microwave or oven for experiment

Background information: Seeds sprouting is called the germination and is the process during which the baby plant emerges from the seed, plants use energy from the sun to grow and make food in their leaves. When you use a microwave, the microwaves travel through your food, causing the food to cook. In this experiment we will use a microwave to expose our seeds to electromagnetic radiation. Sometimes electromagnetic energy can also cause heat, and in our experiment we will heat our seeds by baking them in the oven.

Investigation Question: What effect will radiation and heat have on the germination of radish seeds?

Hypothesis: Radiation and heat will have a negative effect on the germination of the radish seeds.

Independent Variable: Would be the amount of time we used in either microwaved or heated in the oven.

Dependent Variable: The dependent variable will be the effect in which radiation and heat will have on the germination of the radish seeds, how it affects the number which germinates.

Controlled variable: Drops of water, Amount of Sunlight received, number of seeds per trial,


radish seeds




permanent marker

aluminum foil


Zip-Lock bag

Water and a dropper

A window


First label and organize seed so they won't get mixed up with each other. Put and label seeds and put in each zip lock baggie with a permanent marker.

 Label "control" group", one bag for each group of microwaved seeds, and one bag for each group of baked seeds.

Label each microwaved seed baggie with "MW" and the time you microwaved your seeds: "5 seconds," "10 seconds," "20 seconds," etc.

Label each baked seed baggie with "B" and the time you...