Bio Topic Paper- Life Extension

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Bio Topic Paper- Life Extension

Principles of Biology

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Bio Topic Paper- Life Extension

Life extension is about the quality of having a healthier life span so that one can live longer than the normal life required. The paper also discuss about good dieting, different types of lifestyle, and how people can advance to a longer, healthier life.

Life extension means a rise in maximum or even a normal life span, mainly in human beings, by slowing down the processes of aging. This means it is bound by exposure to certain catastrophes and diseases. Having life extension, this also means good dieting, lots of exercises, and to bypass risk such as smoking. "The maximum lifespan is determined by the rate of aging for a species inherit in its genes and probably by certain environmental factors."

One of the most important methods is the pursuit of life extension and even immortality, since aging and death are two of the most counterproductive transformation of an individual and one's freedom. The anti-aging medication has been effective with the use of nutritional supplements to lengthen lifespan. The antioxidant supplements such as vitamin C and E might also lengthen human life based on the free theory of aging. "Dr. Denham Harman spends years experimenting with antioxidants, and was able to establish only that they can extend mean lifespan, but he was unable to demonstrate an effect and maximum lifespan."

These questions are always asked: why does an individual grow? What are the possible ways for people to live longer? However, the most important question is what are some of the ways in which people can stay healthy and independent, as they grow older? "It is state that researchers have found certain elements in human beings bodies that may answer these questions someday." Most stores or websites are now selling products that are similar to these chemicals. The chemicals that are advertise exaggerate about how they can extend one's life.

One of the chemicals studied is the antioxidant. This natural substance may help stop disease. It fights deadly molecules called oxygen, which comes from smoking, sunlight, and other environmental factors. As people grow older, the damage may build up. According to the National Institute on Aging information Center, "one theory of aging, this builds up eventually cause's cells, tissues and organs to break down." Some studies also shows that it may help stop heart disease, some cancer, and even other health issues that are more common in older people.

There is also deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), which is the cell that holds all genes. Almost every day, some deoxyribonucleic is damaged and most of the time, it is repaired. The older an individual become, the more damage occurs, but the repairs will never 100%. The DNA and RNA pills are on the market, but when they are taken by mouth, they are broken down into small substances and cannot go in the cells.

In spite of all the medicated drugs on the market, when it comes to weight loss the main medicine that is recommend is diet and exercise. Aging people need to do a lot more to reduce calories intake and increase physical activity if they want to lose and keep off excess body fat. "For overweight aging people, there are seven steps to follow if they want to achieve optimal removal of surplus body fat. The doctors now use this method to control HIV infections in such a way that will enables patient to life for decades instead less than one year" (William, 2008) . Some of the steps are, restoring hormone balance, increase physical activity, eat to live a long and healthy life, and restore insulin sensitivity.

As society, we face different risk of health issues depending on our age. Any lifestyle habits of family history can cause early death, and it can help people to guide other path towards old age. "There are people who don't manage to think about death at all. They might pay a price" (Butler, 2007, p. 3). It also state that the best shot at a long and healthy life is to live the healthiest lifestyle possible while around.

In conclusion, according to researcher's life extension means living longer than normal. To live longer means having a healthier lifestyle, this includes exercise and diet. In my opinion, even though no one knows when his or her time will come for death, while living, it is a good choice to always have a healthier lifestyle.



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