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The earth as a place for human beings to live in is really an amazing place. Thousands of rainforests, coral reefs, plants, and animals are a few examples of why the earth is diverse. Biodiversity is defined as a variation of animals, plants or other living things in an environment. Humans, however, do not aware of this biodiversity resulting to unacceptable behavior to the earth. Climate change and global warming are amongst the threats to the earth's biodiversity. If humans know how to use the earth's biodiversity it could bring a lot of benefits to mankind, which could be seen in four aspects such as health, agriculture, business and industry, leisure culture and aesthetics.

Biodiversity is the foundation of human health. Plants, animals, and microbes could be used as medicines to cure several illnesses. There are more than 70,000 different plant species, which used in traditional and modern medicine. For instance, morphine is made from a plant called Opium poppy and the white willow tree is used to make aspirin.

Medicine could also came from animals such as pit viper or crotaline snakes to make ACE inhibitor, which is used to treat high blood pressure patients. Marine sponge (Cryptotethya crypta) is common to make AZT, a medicine used for HIV-AIDS patients. [1: []][2: []]

According to Agriculture and Agri Food Canada (AAFC), around the world, about 30,000 plant species are edible. Today, only 15 species make up the vast majority of our food. For animals, humans rely on 8 species. There are a variety of foods to be eaten as a result of biodiversity. Yet, the future of agriculture depends on biodiversity.

In business and industry sector, biodiversity holds an important part. Almost all types of businesses and industries require materials in order to keep on...