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Martin Luther

Martin Luther was a man who was very intelligent, educated, and had a iron will. He felt that people should focus on Christ and the truth from the bible. He saw the Catholic Church as being corrupt, because they tried to scare people into paying money in order to go to heaven. That the selling of indulgences for sins was unjust, he believed that it was like selling tickets to heaven,. In doing good would help with salvation.

The Catholic Church used many tools in order to control it's people. The Catholic Church believed that only men of the cloth could read and discover the meaning of the bible. That salvation had to go directly through the church to get to god.

Luther didn't believed that you needed a priest to interpret the bible or to find salvation. Personal relationships between god and his children existed. He didn't believe that in order to love god you must go through the church, he believed that god is in a part of you.

He believed, individuals could talk to god at any moment, that god is everything and everywhere around us. God is the creator of all life, he knows the fate of us all. So technically we are all predestined to go to heaven or hell.

Luther saw how corrupt the church was and challenged their ideas. I felt that Luther was the right man, in the right place, at the right time for a religious revolt. At this time period the Renaissance was changing the way people saw life. They were enjoying their life, not worrying about going to heaven or hell. With the Renaissance came technology advancements, which facilited science, education, philosophy, and mathimatics. One of the greatest inventions of this time was the printing press. The...