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George Orwell the name of the author printed on the cover of Nineteen Eighty Four, is not actually the name of the man who wrote Nineteen Eighty Four. George Orwell is the pen name of Eric Arthur Blair.

Eric was born in Motihari in Bengal, India on the 25th of June, 1903. In 1907 the Blairs returned to England to live and in 1911 at the age of 7 Eric was sent of to boarding school at St. Cyprian's preparatory school in Sussex. He experiences there are summed up by his essay "Such, Such, Were the Joys". It was at boarding school, that Eric's flair for writing and his observations of injustices took place. In he's essay "Such,such, were the joys" he writes: " I knew that bed-wetting was (a) wicked, (b) outside my control..... It was possible, therefore, to commit a sin without knowing that you committed it, without wanting to commit it and without being able to avoid it.

Sin was not necessarily something that you did it might be something that happened to you.... Under Slim's cane: I must have had a glimpses of it even before I left home, for my early childhood had not been altogether happy. ....The great, abiding lesson of my boyhood: that I was in a world where it was not possible for me to be good." So in his childhood years, Eric, was tormented by the fact, that there was constant injustice, and no possibility of conforming and avoiding punishment even if one wanted to. This view of the world that Eric, had, held and is present though nearly all his works, was greatly influenced and made bias by his earlier experiences at boarding school.

After preparatory school, Eric became a King's Scholar at Eton until 1921 he graduated and...