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Chapter One: In The beginning

Lee de Grussa is nearly 39 she is married with two children and she is living a happy and satisfied life yet still setting targets and striving to grow and learn every day and this is her life story.

2year old Lee picking flowers

My mother is Lee Edwards (de Grussa); she was born at Bunbury Regional Hospital on the 23rd of September 1975. Her mother is Lois Margret Smith and her father is Franke David Edwards. She was the first child out of the three that Lois and Franke had, the second was Jaye Edwards who was born at Bunbury Regional Hospital on the 23rd of December two years after Lee, the third and last child was Carrie Caitlin Edwards, and she was born at the Collie Regional Hospital on the 22nd of June 1980. Lois mother and father where Margret Lilian Clifton and Vivian Archibald Smith.

Margret was born at BRH on the 19th of June 1916 and died there on the 21st of September 2003; Vivian was born at PRH on 23rd of October 1905 and died on the 2nd of February 1975 at BRH. So sadly Lee was unable to meet her mother's dad. On her father's side she has Rose May Williams and William Edwards. William was born at CRH on the 11th February 1923 and died at the PRH on the 11th of October 1995; Rose was born at the CRH on the 7th of May 1929 and is still kicking.

From the time that Lee was born Lois became a stay at home mum and was always active in her children's school life while Franke was a retail manager at many work places. When the children grew up Lois went into retail at Coles mostly and Frank...