Biography about Alexander the Great

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Alexander the Great

The legend of the Gordian Knot stated that any man who could untie the knot would destined to rule the world. Alexander drew his sword and slashed the knot in two releasing the knot. Alexander's destiny would become true.

Alexander was born on July 20th 356 B.E.C. to the parents Phillip and Olympians. Phillip was the King of Macedonia and someday Alexander was going to rule his father's kingdom. Alexander received his first teacher when he was seven. The tutor was Leonidos, a very strict disciplinarian. When Alexander was thirteen he got a new tutor. The tutor was a very wise man called Aristotle. When Aristotle was Alexander's tutor he taught him Philosiphy, ethics, politics, and healing. He also instilled a love for Greek literature, and a sense of scientific method and logic. Also when he was thirteen he received his first horse named Bucephalas. Three years later Alexander fought in his first battle at Macedonia.

Alexander's parents also were no separated by this time.

When Alexander was Twenty-one years old his father was murdered. Alexander become the King of Macedonia. He became Alexander III, king of Macedonia. Alexander had his father's creative fighting power and the army was well prepared thanks to Phillip. Alexander's first duty as king was to drive out the barbarians out of Thebes and Athens. After doing this it probably gave Alexander a taste of glory.

Alexander began his conquest. He lead a Phanhellenic invasion of the Persian empire to eliminate tyranny and oppression. Alexander sought revenge on Persia for its incasion on Greece in 490 B.C.E. Him and his army conquered lands outside of the Persian empire. In 334 B.C.E. Alexander crossed the Hellesport with his army into Asia Minor. He landed on the shore of Troy like his hero Achilles.