Biography on Alfred Tennyson

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Biography of Alfred Tennyson

Alfred Tennyson was born into an old Lincolnshire family and was the fourth of twelve children. He went to school with Frederick and Charles, two of his brothers, in 1815 at Louth grammar school. Tennyson left school in 1820 as he was unhappy but under difficult conditions his father gave him a broad education. Before he had reached his teens he had already written in the styles of Sir Walter Scott, Alexander Pope and John Milton. As Tennyson lived in the countryside he included a lot of his surroundings in his poems. In 1821 he wrote a 6000 line poem and in 1824 he wrote "The Devil and the Lady."

Alfred and Charles joined Frederick at Trinity College at Cambridge in 1827. At this time Alfred found Arthur Hallum who then became the best friend of his life and with his brother Charles, they composed a book of poems called "Poems by two Brothers."

Alfred with his new friend became a member of the Apostles that were a group of people with high intellectual interests. As he was in this club his reputation for writing excellent poems increased dramatically. In 1829, Tennyson won the chancellor's gold medal with the poem named Timbuctoo.

In 1831 when Alfred's father died, he also discovered that his father had a few debts. With the help of his grandfather, Alfred was able to make financial arrangements. As a result of his father's death, Alfred decided to leave Cambridge without a degree.

Tennyson went in a bit of a slump in 1833 as his best friend Arthur Hallum died. His brothers Edward, Charles and Septimus were suffering from a mental disorder and his work wasn't at his best. At this time he also published another book of poems named "Poems" which...