Biography and Critical Analysis of Lewis Carrol and his work "Alice in Wonderland".

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Lewis Carroll was born Charles Lutwidge Dodgson on January 27th, 1832 in Daresbury in Cheshire. He was the eldest son and third child in a family of seven girls and four boys. His parents Charles and Frances Dodgson, whom were first cousins, were Anglican clergyman and were known to be extremely religious. After being taught in public school for his secondary education, he enrolled into Christ Church, Oxford University in 1850 were he proceeded to earn his Masters in 1855. During his studies at Oxford, Dodgson grounded himself in the areas of mathematics, logic, photography, art theater, religion, medicine, and science and earned so many honors and awards in these areas that he once said, "I am getting tired of being congratulated on various subjects; there seems to be no end of it." Upon graduation from Christ Church, Dodgson was ordered to become a priest, however, he avoided these orders and became a mathematics professor at Oxford until influenza caused death.

Alice in Wonder is the work Dodgson, recognized by his pseudonym Lewis Carroll in this story, is most famous for. He created the story for the one of the three daughters of Henry Liddell, dean of Chirst Church who introduced Dodgson to photography. This work is a perfect example to show the witty and humorous yet intellectual and puzzling style of Dodgson's fictional works. Besides children's tales, Dodgson also wrote comics and magazines and on the more serious side journals, essays, and books of theorems and proofs.

The novel opens with Alice and her sister sitting on the bank of a river. She feels bored and decides to take walk when she spots a small white rabbit darting across the grass. What amazes her is that the rabbit takes out a small watch from its pocket and says, "I...