This is the biography and prognosis of a fictional character named Eddie.

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Our first subject is Eddie. Eddie is a 19-year-old white male with superior physical health and the emotional level of a six year old.

Regardless of obvious progress, the patient continues to be hyperactive, continues to rhyme, continues to be obsessive compulsive, continues to be autistic at times, and in general, continues to be extremely immature. Now we're faced with a new problem, he refuses to cooperate to continue to get the help he needs. Improvement appears to descend.

Eddie's prognosis: borderline schizophrenia, slight autism, severe obsessive-compulsive behavior, Haphephobia (the fear of being touched), and attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity. Eddie also tends to sing silly rhymes and jingles.

Eddie comes from a broken home. For most of his childhood, Eddie had suffered from both uncompromising abuse and neglect. When Eddie was eight-years-old, he was taken from his home by Child Protective Services and placed into a residential institution where he finally got the psychiatric help he had desperately needed.

When he was 13-years old, Eddie was released from the hospital and was somehow granted into the custody of his unstable, bi-polar aunt. Every Tuesday for the past six years, Eddie visits his therapist, Dr. Olivia Spits.

Despite his particularly high I.Q. of 145, our subject is extremely immature, but because of his miraculous intelligence, he has recently figured out how to use his disability to his advantage. He has always been aware of the "special" treatment he receives from others and now uses it to manipulate people and situations. This makes any desire for personal recovery nonexistent and any chance of new progress almost infeasible.