This biography is about Anne Hutchinson.

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Anne Hutchinson was born in 1591 England. She married William Hutchinson August 9, 1612. She and her husband came to America in 1634 and settled in Boston. Anne was no stranger to religion. Her father was a reverend. He had been imprisoned twice for preaching against the stupidity of English ministers. Anne began her involvement with religion innocently, using her intelligence to interpret the Bible. She started having weekly bible sessions. What started as a religious point of diversity grew into a division that threatened the political stability of the colony. To her opponents, questioning the church meant questioning the State. Anne's ideas were branded as the dissent of "Antinomianism" (a belief that Christians are not bound by moral law), and her followers became known as "Antinomians". Anne's weekly meetings took on a new importance. As many as eighty people would fill her house at one time. In August, a ban was placed on all private meetings.

But Anne began to hold her meetings twice a week. In November, Winthrop and his supporters filed charges against Anne, and she was put on trial for dissent before a meeting of the General Court. Answering skillfully, Anne came close to clearing herself of all charges. But suddenly, she mentioned that she had had several revelations. Cotton accused her of believing in free love. Then Reverend Wilson delivered her excommunication. Banished from Boston, in 1642, Anne took her children, except for five of the eldest, to the Dutch colony in New York. In August 1643 the Indians raided the Hutchinson house and slaughtered Anne and five of her youngest children.