Biography of Benjamin Franklin

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Benjamin Franklin was one of the greatest Americans of all time. Benjamin Franklin led a very interesting life. He was the tenth of seventeen children. He learned the printing business from his brother, ran away at the age of seventeen, eventually married, started up his own stores, bought his own newspaper, wrote "Poor Richard's Almanack", invented swimming flippers and bifocals, was brought international fame through his studies with electricity and lightening, got involved with politics in Europe and in the Americas, worked to help right the "Declaration of Independence", and he stayed involved with politics until his death April 17, 1790. Benjamin Franklin was one of America's founding fathers. He coined many phrases that are still used today. Benjamin learned the importance of working when he was very young.

He was born in Boston on January 17, 1706. His father's name was Josiah Franklin and he was a soap maker.

Benjamin was the tenth son of the seventeen children that his father would have. At a young age Josiah decided that Benjamin should become a clergy man, but that required many years of school. Benjamin only went to school for one year. Then, at the age of twelve, he went to apprentice for his brother, James, as a type setter. His brother was soon arrested. While his brother was in jail Ben took over the paper. When Ben's brother got out of jail he was jealous of Ben. Ben ran away to Philadelphia.

Once in Philadelphia he found work as an apprentice printer. He did well, so well in fact that the governor sent him to London to buy fonts and printing equipment. When he came back he returned to being a printer's helper. He was better then the man he was working for. Benjamin eventually married his...