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Brahms started out his life in a very respectable family. Both of his parents were of esteemed ancestry. Brahms father was a musician who played horn, violin, flute and double bass. Obviously music was important in this family. So when Brahms was old enough, of coarse he was put into music lessons. At a young age he was taught how to play the piano, cello and horn. Not only did he study hard at his music, but he was an avid reader. Brahms would borrow books and purchase used novels, eventually building his library to exceed 800 pieces of literature. He was very interested in works such as fiction, travel, philosophy, art, history, drama, poetry, and religion.

With all of the reading that Brahms was doing, and all of his studies in music, he was able to excel far beyond the average seven year old. Brahms "was accepted for instruction in the piano and music theory, free of charge, by one of Hamburg's leading teachers, the pianist and composer Eduard Marxsen."

(pg ####) It seems that this teacher had great passion for Bach and Viennese Classical composers and he passed this on to the young impressionable Brahms. When he was no more than 11 Brahms had his first documented performance. This little pianist played in a chamber concert in 1843.

When Brahms was old enough, and complete with his schooling, he began to teach lessons in his favorite subject; piano. The money that he earned from the lessons, playing in the theatre, and from small private parties he would give to his family. There were also rumors that he would play in sailors' bars for money, but that rumor has never been made fact. Nonetheless, we see throughout his life, Johannes was eager to support those in his family...