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Jim Brooks: The Baseball Player

"I am a nerd!" was the answer of Jim Brooks upon being asked "How would you describe yourself?". Sitting sideways at her desk, Mrs. Gatewood laughed as she talked to another student. The others in the background appeared engaged in their own excited conversations about "who did what at the mall". Jim, on the other hand, looked down at his questionnaire and wondered "How long would this really take?" I looked at him and he signaled me to come to the back seats. Wearily walking to the back, Jim pulled up the sleeves of his yellow polo shirt and sat down on the chair. It was 1:19 pm and the temperature was around 60 degrees Fahrenheit as I could feel the cold air, through the opened crack in the glass window, while it touched a part of the back of my neck. Jim rubbed his hands on his blue, denim jeans, which distinguished the white adidas shoes, and looked around the gloomy atmosphere of the classroom while the white clouds gathered in the light blue sky.

His puka shell necklace (no clue what this is?) contrasted with his shiny, silver watch and his blonde spiked hair stood as straight as the blades of grass. After settling down next to him, we discussed his past life, hobbies, sports, friends and I learned about the favorites of this Science Award winner.

Jim is proud to be a member of a loving family, which includes his father, mother and an elder brother. Jim was born on August 3, 1987 in Sacramento. Since then he has lived in the same place considering that "I love my room; it's the best place to be!" Being highly under the influence of his father, Jim wishes to follow his steps and become...