Biography of Colin Powell.

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"America stands ready to help any country that wishes to join the democratic world," said Colin Powell, before entering the war with Iraq this year at the 57th annual Alfred E. Smith memorial foundation dinner. Colin Powell has been the United States Secretary of State as of January 2001, and has led the nation to triumph ever since. Powell is the first ever Black American to be sworn into high office, leading the fight against the Taliban and al-queda networks, and gave much of his energy into negotiating with foreign countries. Some of his other accolades include, restoring the stability in Afghanistan and leading the fight of AIDS in the world (Means 98). "He is best described as a trail blazer," said my mother Bonnie Barnes. "He has opened so many doors for more black Americans."

Being the first black American to be selected for U.S.

office, Mr. Powell undoubtedly was conflicted by many obstacles. Still, he does his job with exceptional grace. "He does an amazing job, his decisions are some of the best in this time of indecision," said Barnes. America has had a predominately white leadership and hasn't had any minorities within the upper echelon of those elected. Colin Powell opened new doors for minorities; as he has done a great job as a leader, public opinion of minorities in office has consequently improved. In this new, incomplete, yet accepting country, we have learned better to respond to minorities in office and leadership positions, and as a result, that person's policies and views are that which keep them from office, rather than race. "I don't see [Powell] as just some black guy in office, his views and actions are what make him a great leader," said Barnes. As of now, there are three...