A biography of Democritus of Abdera from the Hellenistic Age. It has atomic theory in it and Democritus' reasoning and acomplishments and basically his life.

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Democritus was born in about 460 BC in Abdera, Thrace, Greece. He died at about 90 years of age, in about 370 BC. Democritus was an ambitious man with goals. He traveled mostly in southernand eastern lands, He traveled to Egypt, and Persia too. The reason for traveling this much was to discover different things and to search for knowledge. He was called a laughing philosopher. Democritus traveled anywhere he could and he had experienced a lot of things. He listened to many teachers and with some he agreed and with some he didn't. He knew about a lot of stuff, and could have argued with anybody about anything from physics to poetics, He got his nickname from contributing many things, his nickname was "Wisdom".

Democritus has had a lot of things done, but not many of those things have gotten written down about. He was mostly known for his skills with physical and phisolophical theories and thats what was written about the most.

Democritus had one very important and very interesting theory. It was called the atomic theory. Democritus explained his theory very well. Domocritus' hypothesis was that all matter was made up of very tiny indestructable units called atoms, and that these atoms did not change shape, but moved making up the forms of macroscopic objects that themselves made up larger objects.

Democritus was obviously a very smart man, reasoning like that without any form of technology to research and prove the theory. He knew without any kind of prove that those things called atoms existed, and even how they functioned. With this theory nobody knew if they were to believe this guy or not, but after some time Democritus was proven right by other philosophers and researchers that had the technology needed to prove the whole...