This is a biography of Douglas MacArthur.

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Douglas MacArthur was born into the military on January 26, 1880 in Little Rock, Arkansas. His father Arthur MacArthur earned the Congressional Medal of Honor in the Civil War for leading an assault up Missionary Ridge in Tennessee, and was a military governor of the Philippines. When Arthur came back from the Philippines where he helped defeat the Spanish, he watched his son, Douglas MacArthur, graduate first in the class of 1903. His father was gone almost all of the time because of the conflicts around the world. He was mainly influenced from stories of his father instead of real-life experiences with him. However he did say that by watching his father and listening to his mother, he learned that a MacArthur is always in charge.

At six years old, Douglas moved with his family to Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, where Captain MacArthur was assigned. Douglas was able to spend time with his grandfather Judge Arthur MacArthur, he too a man of exceptional accomplishment and charm.

His grandfather taught him that a MacArthur is a scholar, and a gentleman. His father died in 1912 and Douglas was transferred to the War Department in Washington so that he could car for his mother.

In 1915, MacArthur was promoted to major and went on to become the Army's first public relations officer. He did so well he is said to have been responsible for selling the American people on the Selective Service Act of 1917, when the US became even closer to joining the war in Europe. In WWI, Douglas reached the rank of general and went on to become Superintendent of West Point. WWI had given Douglas MacArthur a taste of fame. He helped lead the Rainbow Division, a unit created from National Guard troops before the war. He then...