Biography of Ernest Hemingway

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Ernest Hemingway grew up with strict rules and strong religious beliefs. Throughout the course of his life, he became an outstanding poet and writer. Events in his childhood, young adulthood, and all of his later life influenced Hemingway's writing style and subject matter.

Ernest Hemingway was born in Oak Park, Illinois on July 21, 1898. Ernest's father taught him hunting and fishing. "He spent early summers with his family in the woods of Northern Michigan" (Encyclopedia of World Biography, p. 274). The trips with his family in the outdoors influenced Ernest by helping him get a sense of familiarity with nature. From there, Ernest began a strong interest in writing about sports and other outdoor activities. After the discovery of his father's illness and his suicide a couple years later, Ernest was left with a huge emotional scar. It led to a strong attachment to his mother. Hemingway's mother was religious and very active in church which led Ernest to participate in such things as church plays and singing in the choir.

Problems started erupting in his home life so Ernest searched for a way out. He found it by entering in World War I, but was rejected because of his eyesight.

Ernest Hemingway's young adulthood started off by spending several months as a reporter for The Kansas City Star. After writing for the paper, Ernest began driving an ambulance for the Red Cross. After suffering a major injury to his knee by a gunshot, he ended his participation in the Red Cross. After recovery, Hemingway enlisted in the Italian infantry; he served on the front line and was highly respected. Ernest was even decorated by the Italian government for bravery. This experience in wars influenced Hemingway to start writing for The Toronto Star as a foreign correspondent. A...