Biography of Ferdinand Magellan (including sources).

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Ferdinand Magellan was a Portuguese explorer who sailed for Spain. He is the first person to successfully sail west from Europe to Asia, the first European to sail the Pacific Ocean, and most importantly the first to lead an expedition where he was able to circumnavigate the entire world.

Magellan was born in a farm in Sabrosa, which is in northern Portugal. His exact birth date is unknown, but it's said to be in the spring of 1480. He was born to his father, Pedro Magellan, and his mother Alda Magellan. At the time of his birth, his father, Pedro Magellan, was mayor of Sabrosa. Magellan's parents died when he was ten. He has two younger siblings: a brother named Diogo and a sister named Isabel. When he was twelve, he became a page to King John II and Queen Eleonora in Lisbon. In Lisbon, Magellan continued his education, showing interest in geography and astronomy.

When Magellan reached twenty years old, he took his first small expedition to go to India with Francisco de Almeid to inaugurate him as a Portuguese leader. They were instructed to set up military and naval bases along the way. Once Magellan reached India he discovered that a local king was refusing to pay tribute and so Magellan and Almeid went on the offensive and conquered the Muslim city of Kilwa, which is in present day Tanzania.

In 1506, Magellan took his second adventure to the East Indies where he was participating in expeditions to the Spice Islands. In 1510, Magellan was promoted from a squire to a captain, however after secretly sailing a ship east without permission, he lost his command and was instructed to return to Portugal.

In 1511, Magellan went to Morocco where he fought in the Battle of Azamor. During the...