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Galileo Galilei was a famous, incredible, and a very smart scientist, he was born on February 15, 1564 in Pisa, Italy. The day Galileo was born was also the day of Michelangelo's death. Galileo is famous because he was the first person to use a refracting telescope in astronomy, at eh university of Pisa. He was the first person to discover gravity. Galileo was the first person to see sunspots, the four main satellites of Jupiter, Mountains And craters on the moon, and the appearance of Venus going through phase. Galileo was an Italian physicist, philosopher, mathematician, inventor, discoverer, and an astronomer.

Galileo was the oldest son of Vincenzo Galilei (his dad). Vincenzo Galilei was a merchant and a famous musician. Four days after Galileo was born, on February 19, he was baptized in the baptistery of the cathedral of Pisa. At the age of seventeen, in 1581, Galileo entered the University of Pisa, which is in Italy, enrolling as a medical student.

His Father wanted Galileo to study medicine and Aristotelian philosophy. He soon left medicine studies and went to learn about mathematics. One day when he was a service in the cathedral at pisa, the great bronze lamp hanging from the high ceiling distracted him. The lamp had been put aside in order to light it more easily. When the lamp was released, it wiggled side-to side continually decreasing amplitude. Using the beat of his pulse, to keep the time, he found out that every time it oscillated to the furthest, it took the same amount if time to get each end.

By later experiments, Galileo discovered the pendulum. In 1583, age nineteen, while Galileo was at home on vacation, he begun to study mathematics anaphase=cal sciences. Then in 1585, which was when Galileo...