A biography of George Lucas.

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George Lucas is one of the most influential film makers in Hollywood history. He is also the guiding force behind Star Wars and its sequels. The Star Wars movies tell the story of the rebels Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Han Solo as they battle the evil imperial forces of Darth Vader. These films became some the most popular motion pictures in history.

Lucas was born in Modesto, California, and educated at Modesto Junior College and the University of Southern California, graduating from the university in 1966. His first love was auto-racing, but a near fatal accident forced him out of the sport and into film making. His career began with his prize-winning student film THX-1138, a science fiction story that he reworked as his feature-directing debut in 1971. The film was produced by American Zoetrope. In 1971, Lucas formed his own film company, Lucasfilm Ltd., in San Rafael, California.

With the backing of American film producer Francis Ford Coppola, Lucas then made American Graffiti which returned $50 for every dollar spent on production and distribution, a staggering ration in the movie business. The film is considered one of the biggest successes of low-budget film making. It made George Lucas a millionaire before the age of thirty. It also launched the film careers of Richard Dreyfuss, Ron Howard, and Harrison Ford. The film won the Golden globe, the New York Film Critics' and National Society of Film Critics' awards, and also won five Academy Award nominations and over grossed $145 million dollars. Lucas was now a major Hollywood director, and was given support for his next project because of it.

Lucas's next film, Star Wars, revolutionized the commercial film industry. Lucas wrote and directed the science-fiction adventure that almost every studio in Hollywood had turned down, Star Wars took popular...