A biography on george rogers clark.

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George Rogers Clark

George Rogers Clark was born in the Charlottesville, Virginia. He was born on November 9th, 1752. He was the second son of John and Ann Rogers Clark. They were Virginia landholders. They moved to a 400 acre farm after their marriage. They then moved to a small plantation in the southwest corner of Caroline County, VA. They moved their after they sold their land in 1757. Ann and Johns first son was Jonathan. They had him in 1750 then had their second son George.

Most of Georges schooling came from his relatives. He learned many skills as a child. He became a well writer and reader. He learned surveying from his grandfather, when he was around eighteen. It was a skill that would help him throughout his life. He left on a surveying trip to the West, when he was only twenty. Throughout the next four years he did many things.

He located land for himself, his family and friends back in Virginia.

He acted as a guide for settlers, and participated in Lord Dunmore's War. The Lord Dunmore's war gained him recognition as a renowned and great Indian fighter.

George was born when the Revolutionary war started. When the war started, he was living in Kentucky. He became an American Revolutionary General Conqueror of the Old Northwest. He fought in the Revolutionary war. He was an American soldier who won important victories in the Northwest Territory during the Revolutionary War. The victories he had won gave the United States the claim of the boundaries west of the Mississippi River and North of the Great Lakes.

George Rogers Clark played an important role in the American Revolution. George Rogers Clark was living in Kentucky and was also working as a surveyor at the beginning of the...