A Biography on Hugo Chavez

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Hugo Rafael Chavez Fries was born on July 28, 1954; the youngest son Hugo De Los Reyes Chavez and Elena Frias De Chavez two Venezuelan teachers. He and his brother grew up in his grandmother's house because his parents were poor. Chavez went to school at Julian Pinoel Elementary but when he went to high school he had to move to Barinas. At 17 he went to the Venezuelan Academy for Military Science where he graduated in 1975 as a sub-lieutenant with a degree in military science and arts. After a brief stay in the military he entered Caracas Simon Bolivar University for a political science degree but he left before completing it. Chavez, inspired by the 19th century revolutionist Simon Bolivar and people like Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky became a left-nationalist called a Bolivarian In 1992 Chavez with several other Bolivarianics attempted a military coup which failed Chavez and his friends were placed under arrest however on his way to prison Chavez stated that he had only failed por ahora (for now).

After spending two years in prison he was released and later that same year he reconstituted the Fifth Republic Movement or MVP. He ran for president using Bolivarian as his platform. He won the trust of the people who did not like the current government.

In 2002 Chavez was the object of a successful coup but he was so popular with the people and the military that within a month he was reinstated as president. After he was reinstated he claimed the United States had helped to instigate this coup. Because the, wanted the oil that comes out of Venezuela 11.4 percent of the US oil comes from Venezuela.

He also in resent months wanted to get rid of the limit on the number...