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Hugo Wolf was born in 1860 in the great country of Austria. Slovenia, his home town is where he found interest in music. As a young child, Wolf practiced with the violin, the piano, and the organ. He was very skilled at his age and had the rest of his life to perfect his skill. He was deemed one of the Worlds greatest Romantic song composers of his time. Wolf composed more than two-hundred pieces of music written by such authors as Mrike and Goethe. Hugo Wolf lived to be forty-three and died on February 22, 1903 in Vienna, Austria. Many would say the reason for death was illness and depression which finally led to insanity.

Hugo Wolf looked up to many famous musicians and wanted to follow in their footsteps. At age fifteen, Wolf met Wagner who in-turn became his idol. Wagner taught Wolf at the Vienna Conservatory.

Wolf was hard to get a hold of because of his lack of discipline. Wolf fell totally dependent on his friends to guide him in the right direction. Hugo Wolf learned a great deal from his many predecessors that pushed him into the next level.

Wolf became attached to a female and wrote his first group of songs about his love. Their love was not mutual and ended up breaking his heart. Tragic and unpleasant mood swings arose from this incident. Wolf moved on with his life and got a job as a music critic for the Wiener Salonblatt. While maintaining his career, he fell in love with Melanie Kochert. Kochert wrote poetry that inspired Wolf a great deal. He used her poetry as a basis in his newly developed song music. Hugo Wolf began to make a name for himself throughout the country and soon throughout the world. In...