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Jean Jacques Piaget was born in Neuchâtel, Switzerland on August 9, 1896. His father, Arthur Piaget was a professor in Medieval Literature. His mother, Rebecca Jackson, was an intelligent woman but Jean found her a little bit neurotic. When he was in his late youth he had a faith crisis. His mother encouraged him to attend church but he only found it foolish. So he decided to focus less on philosophy and more on psychology (Smith, L.).

Jean Piaget was one the most exciting research theorists in all of child development. When he was 11, he attended Neuchâtel Latin high school where people say that his brilliant career started. After graduation he went the University of Neuchâtel. There he studied natural sciences. While at the university he published to essays which are now considered his "adolescent work". The two essays were the beginning of how he first showed how he thought.

He then attended the University of Zürich were he gained an interest in psychoanalysis. In 1919, he went to Paris, France where he met Dr. Simon at the Binet Laboratory.. While in Paris, Piaget planned and administered many reading tests to school children and became interested not in their correct answers, but in their incorrect answers. He wanted to explore the reasoning process that children have. By 1921 he began to publish his research findings. In that same year, he received a position in Geneva at the Institute J.J. At the institute he first began his study on elementary school children, and this during this research he published his first 5 books on Child Psychology. In 1923, Jean married Valentine Châtenay. They had three children together and he based most of his research on them, this research became three more books. In 1929, he joined the University of Geneva...