A biography on John Grisham, this essay talks about how he fantasized about being a professional baseball player when he was young and then growing up to be a fantastic novelist writer.

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Professional Baseball player or a fantastic novelist writer? For John he would have preferred to be the star baseball player however, his life did not turn out the way he had once dreamt about when he was a kid. Instead he grew up to be one of the most well known law novelist. John was born on February 8, 1955 where he started his life in a town called Jonesboro, Arkansas home to also Bill Clinton. As a kid John had always dreamed about being a professional baseball player. However after realizing that maybe he was best off picking an alternative he chose to go to Mississippi State University for Law where he met up with Dr. Zacharias who told the class one day... "If you're sitting out there now with a nice, neat little outline for the next ten years, you'd better be careful. Life may have other plans."

This seemed to be true for John for he dreamt about becoming a baseball player and is now in law school. After obtaining his bachelor degree he finished his schooling at Ole Miss University. He then worked in a private practice in Southaven Mississippi as a lawyer from 1981-1990 where he also served on the Mississippi House of Representatives from 1984-1990. In that time he married a Renee Jone and had two children Ty and Shea.

John may have had a slow start to his writing career seeing he truly never even once thought about writing till he was inspired by a case that involved a 12 yr old girl that had been raped. He began to write about this horrid event at 5 a.m. every morning for 3 years before he would go to work. He finally finished, what would become his first novel A Time to Kill, in...