The Biography of Lazlo Moholy-Nagy. A creative photographer.

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Laszlo Moholy-Nagy was a leader in the development of abstract art. He was a strong and energetic person who had a day and night full of this to do in his latter life. He is one of the fathers of Constructivism and is remembered by all of his work in paintings, sculptures, photography, photograms and film.

Laszlo was born on July the 20th 1895 in Bacsbarsod, Hungary and had two brothers. Nagy's father was a foreman of a large estate and left their family when the three children were young. His mother and his uncle took care of the in a town called Moholy. Early in his life he moved to Berlin and studied law at the University of Budapest but was unable to finish his studies, as he had to serve in the Austro-Hungarian army during WW1 as an officer in the artillery. Nagy became interested in art before he entered the war and while in war he would produce hundreds of sketches.

Laszlo had injured his thumb during the war and because of his horrific experience in the war; it was somehow made clear to him that his future was in art.

While he was recovering from a wound from the war in 1917, he became a painter working on Constructivism and started a literacy magazine called Jelenkor. Laszlo had started to work with photography in 1919, which a friend Érzsi Landau introduced him to it. In 1921 he married Lucia Schulz who would be Lucia Schulz. In 1922 he had his first exhibit at the Der Sturm gallery in Berlin. In 1923 he became a teacher at the Bauhaus in Weimar. Moholy continued to paint; experimenting with it such as painting on aluminium and plastics and using spray guns. He continued to take photographs and photograms. His...