The Biography of Maurice "Rocket" Richard

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Through recent historical scholarship and in relation to the documentary video 'The Rocket The... Man The Legend' a video based on the hockey player Maurice Richard contributes to our historical understanding in several ways. Throughout out the video, the author uses many source and approaches, to show an understanding the impact Maurice had on and off the ice and how he contributed a lot in our history of the game hockey.

Maurice was an outstanding player; he was a goal-scoring machine, broke and set records. He played in the NHL from 1942-1960. Through 978 games he scored 544 goals and 421 assists, which totaled 965 points. He retired early due to physical condition and injury, in his last year Frank Selke the President of the Montreal Canadians at the time mentioned " Maurice was twenty pounds over wait; and that he was never a drinker, but loved good food." "Maurice was like a missionary, he dedicated his life to hockey," stated Tony Bergeron, Maurice's hair barber.

The interpretation of history the author uses on Richard is one of the several ways of the historical understanding. Through out the entire video the author shows how Maurice had a great impact on hockey, and the French Canadians. Marcel Couture a French Canadian, claimed "everyone would comb their hair, dress, buy the same skates and sticks as Maurice" he was an idol for many Hockey and French Canadian fans. The author shows Maurice as an amazing person and player on and off the ice, and that he was a big contributor in making the Forum as Charles Mayer a Montreal Canadian Fan states Maurice "contributed to the prosperity of the Forum and the NHL." The author also mentioned the Maurice was a person that was shy but loved kids and always took the...