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Pablo Picasso was much more than just a simple artist. At a young age, he was claimed to be an art prodigy, whether this talent was developed or if it was inherited from his father, Josè Ruiz Blasco we will never know. Picasso was born in the late 1800's (1881 to be exact) in M-laga, Andalusia. At a young age, his father Blasco had tutored him and soon after he received the title of being a child prodigy. Once the young Picasso turned 14, he entered the Academy at Barcelona and painted "Girl with Bare Feet". Two years later he transferred to Madrid for some advanced training; shortly after entering he was dissatisfied by this school and then began spending a great deal of time in the local cafés and brothels absorbing the atmosphere.

A few years later, in 1898 he had won a gold medal for his painting entitled "Customs of Aragon" which was shown in his hometown.

A few years after this, in 1901 he had set up his own studio in Montmartre and began mastering the traditional forms of art, as shown by his work in "Gypsy Girl on the Beach". It's clear that he had absorbed the Neo-Impressionist influences of the several fine Local Paris schools, as seen in the work "long champ" and "The Blue Room" but soon after he had began to develop his own expressions. After illness in later 1898 he retired to Barcelona. One he returned he rejected all traditional forms of art and began using his mother's madden name, of Picasso.

Picasso is credited with inventing six original styles; one of his firsts was his Blue Period. Which he started in 1901 and it lasted till about 1904. He started painting in this style shortly after moving to Paris from Barcelona.