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Walt Whitman: A cornerstone in American poetry

If you venture into American poetry a very resonant name is Walt Whitman. He is better describe as: "A great figure, the greatest assuredly in our literature-yet perhaps only a great child-summing up and transmitting into poetry all the passionate aspirations of an America that had passed through the romantic revolution, the poet of selfhood and the prophet of brotherhood, the virile man and the catholic lover…." -Vernon Louis Parrington in Main Currents in American thought (1930). This essay aims to tell the story of the childhood, career and critical reviews of one of poetry's most influential authors, Walt Whitman..

Walt Whitman (American poet, essayist, journalist, and humanist) was born in May 31st 1819 in Long Island. He was the son of Walter Whitman and Louisa Van Velsor. Named after his father, Whitman spent the first four years of his childhood in his birth home in west hills, Long Island.

, until his family moved to Brooklyn due to his fathers hope of finding employment in carpeting, since the job offers in Long Island were low. In his family, he was not only son there was an offspring before him and four subsequently after. Whitman got a rudimentary education for six years. But it was his family who took part in shaping what he would later become as a writer. His father influenced him with his political attitudes and liberal intellectual; and opened him to ideas and writings from the socialist Frances Wright and Robert Dale Owen, the liberal Quaker, Ellias Hicks, and the deistical Count Volney. His mother taught him the importance of family values. This is a lesson Whitman applied when he stepped in as a father for his family when...