A biography of Robert Frost.

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Robert Frost

Robert Lee Frost was born on March 26, 1874. He was named

after the Civil War general Robert E. Lee. He started kindergarten in 1879, but he

only went for one day and from then on his mother who was a teacher home

schooled him. His mother taught him for about 10 years. He did try school on

other occasions, but had horrible shooting pains in his stomach, which was the

reason he was home, schooled, so he went home for schooling. He was home

schooled until his family moved to New Hampshire, and his mother started

teaching a fifth grade class that he attended. Robert took a liking to school, and

he applied for schools, and was excepted to one. He ended up finishing at the

top of his class.

Later on, Robert began to write. He really loved doing it; he found

pleasure in writing.

He published his first poem in the school newspaper, and

continued to publish more as the year went on. Robert graduated with honors

and then went to Dartmouth. He never finished college, he left early to teach.

Even though he was teaching, he still did a lot of writing when he had free time.

He published a few of his poems and was offered a job as a reporter for the

Lawrence Daily American and Sentinel. Robert was more than glad to take the

job. Not too long after that, he got married to Elinor White, a classmate that he

graduated with. In 1886, they had their first child, Elliot.

Robert was excepted to Harvard and won an award for academic

excellence. He later withdrew from Harvard because his wife had just had

another child, Leslie. Robert started feeling ill, so he saw a doctor, and the doctor

told him...