The biography, "Romulus My Father", shows that a persons attitude is the key to life. Discuss

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Romulus My Father gives an insight into a person's attitude towards life. Different attitudes and morals are displayed, but ultimately reveal that a person's attitude towards honesty, loyalty, courage, charity and capacity for hard work is the key to life.

Romulus's attitude towards honesty is the most important of his many values. Romulus strongly believed that honesty is the key to everything and that "only a rigorous truthfulness could give a person the inner unity necessary for strength of character". This was in unison combined with is attitude towards hard work. Romulus maintained that one could not achieve great work without rigorous honesty. He tells Raimond that there were "few things more important than a good name" and did not allow himself to be judged by those who were lazy, dishonest or had "shoddy" work or character. However, Romulus never moralises on the concept of human nature. For example, when Romulus is told that the daughters of one the mothers were being sold for prostitution, he does not judge them or prevent Raimond from contacting them as he does not believe that it is necessary to judge ones morals.

The locals at Frogmore are pictured as friendly and hardworking. However, we see that the main difference between Romulus and the various locals is the way of living. The local Australians, especially characters such as Mrs Lillie live their ways of live they believe society expected them to live. Romulus, on the other hand, believed that we should live our lives the way we think fit to live. Romulus makes no attempt to please society's expectations and lives by ones own following of rules. Law is an example of this as he does not believe he is doing anything wrong by letting Raimond drive his car. Although he must abide, law...