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Steven Spielberg at this day and age is known throughout the world for his award-winning, spectacular movies of all time. Nevertheless, there was a day when Spielberg was nothing more than a small, depressed child. In the following biography Spielberg's life will be explored as he grew from a film fanatic into a master scriptwriter.

Born on December 18th 1946, Steven grew up in an average like family, though from a young age his love for films was very bold. His father Arnold was an electrical engineer involved in the development of computers. Whereas his mother Leah was a concert pianist as well as a housewife. He was the oldest of four children, them being Annie, Sue, Nancy and himself. He later studied in Arcadia High School in Pheonix, when his family moved to Scottsdale Arizona, from Haddonfield, New Jersey. This is where his talent began to be noticed.

When Steven was young he often charged admission for home movies, while his sister Annie sold popcorn.

At the age of 12 Spielberg finished his first script. At the age of 13 he won a prize for his 40-minute war movie, Escape to Nowhere. In 1963, at the age of 16, his 140-minute production Firelight, based on a story his sister had written about a UFO attack, was shown in a local cinema. This movie also later inspired him to make Close Encounters.

Beside all the success and achievements of his childhood, there was a very dark emotional side to it as well. Many of his scripts told the stories of distant fathers and depressed children, this mirrored Spielberg's childhood, as his relationship with his father wasn't well. Arguments and verbal conflict would take place and young Steven would shove towels under his door to block out the yelling and screaming.