Biography of Stress

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Biography of Stress

By Vidushi Singh

Stress is difficult to visualize for the reason that it is an invisible enemy inside our body in the form of an active force. The stress acts against our immune system, our bodyguard, to make it weak and defenseless against diseases. It is therefore, important to know about its origin, form of existence and mode of action. But before we study the stress it is important to know about its forerunner or originator called STRAIN.

STRAIN is an influence on our mind and body created by our deteriorating social and natural environments around us. It daily exerts an invisible destructive effect on our mental, emotional and physical health. Consequently, we meet with confusion, worries and depression. All this combined creates a tension on our mind and body. This exertion or influence is called STRAIN.

STRAIN, after getting into our body, exerts a force to excite the mind.

Result? Basing on the theory of "Cause and Effect," where 'cause' is strain and 'effect' is the mental excitement, we start feeling upset, nervous and abnormal. At times we cannot even describe what is actually wrong with us! Clarity of thought and expression is fogged and hampered. This is the early picture when strain strikes our body.

The presence of strain is immediately sensed by our bodyguard, the immune system, and attacks the intruder. In this scenario, if our body defense is strong enough because of our good health, it drives away the strain and we feel normal again.

Here we saw the good result of our strong good health and powerful immune system driving away the strain. But what happens when our immune system is weak at the cause of our poor health? Naturally it can hardly fight but it doesn't surrender. It...