A Biography about Susan B. Anthony

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Susan Brownell Anthony is the topic of my paper. In the first half of the paper you will learn a little bit of background about her. You will learn about the influences that Susan's parents had on her. Also you will learn about Susan's childhood, and you will have some insight to her education.

I am also going to talk about Susan B. Anthony's job as a teacher. You will see some of the struggles that Susan fought against. You will learn about the meeting of Susan and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. You will see how these two great women helped to fight for woman's rights. Elizabeth Stanton was often referred to as the "Philosopher" of the two, and Susan B. Anthony as the "General." You will see why they were called this. You will learn about the National Woman's Suffrage Association. You will also learn of there joining with the American Woman' Suffrage Association.

In hope that you enjoy the paper.

On February 15th, 1820 in Adams, Massachusetts, Susan B. Anthony was born to Daniel and Lucy Anthony. Susan B. Anthony was the second child, (gala.com) brought up in a Quaker family. Her father was a sixth generation Quaker. Daniel Anthony believed in equal treatment of boys and girls. (lkwdpl.org) He encouraged Susan and her sibling's self-reliance, self-discipline, and self-worth. Both of Susan's parents were strong believers in antislavery and the temperance movement.

Susan was well educated and very interested in school. Although at home she had many chores. She would help her mother in the kitchen with cooking and cleaning. Along with many other chores, as well. Even though Susan and her siblings had many chores, Lucy and Danielle Anthony still had time to teach the children to read. Susan learned very quickly. One day while at school...