The biography of Tiziano Ferro

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Tiziano Ferro was born February 21, 1980 in the small city of Latina, located near Rome. At the age of seven, he showed a great interest in music by learning to play guitar. Soon after, he learned how to play the drums and the piano. His love of music expanded into songwriting when he was a young adolescent. Tiziano then added "singer" onto his musical resume and joined his local gospel choir at the age of 16. His experiences on the gospel choir ignited an interest in soul, rhythm and blues, and jazz.

Soon after, Tiziano graduated high school. To satisfy his parents' aspirations for their son, Tiziano enrolled in the Engineering and Communications majors at the University of Rome. But, Tiziano Ferro only attended the college for one year. He decided that college was not for him and that it had no place in his plans for himself, which involved music and pursuing a recording contract.

Luckily for Tiziano, he was discovered by mega-producers Mara Majonchi and Alberto Salerno in 1997, when he was only 17-years-old. The two producers coached the young talent for two intense years. They guided him and taught him about proper singing techniques and composing music. In addition to Mara Majonchi and Alberto Salerno, Michele Canova came along and proved to be the right music arranger to fulfill Tiziano's musical vision.

Tiziano and his team of producers and arrangers approached every Italian record company with his demo. Eventually, EMI Music Italia signed Tiziano Ferro to their label in May 2001. From then on, Tiziano's life was never the same. In July 2001, EMI released his first single "Perdono" and a superstar was born. Within a few weeks, the single grabbed the #1 spot on the radio and sales charts. "Perdono" stayed at number one for...