Biography of Yonkers, New York.

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Thirty to forty years ago Yonkers once was a beautiful city and a place full of opportunities. As time progresses, Yonkers, New York has now turned into a city of disaster, and is becoming more and more difficult to handle. The levels of gang violence and crime have dramatically risen through out the nineteen seventies until present time. Houses were extremely cheap in the seventies, and the cost of buying a house or renting an apartment have soared through the roof in the past ten years. Ridge Hill development project is a new extension or expansion that will soon be under way in Yonkers. Something like this may have a good chance in trying to restore Yonkers, and Yonkers public schools by adding new housing, shopping centers, and creating ninety six hundred jobs. Yonkers was once wonderful, until it became over-populated. I have heard stories when I was a child that south-Yonkers was a very clean and respectable neighborhood.

Middle class people maintained their homes and helped keep their streets clean. People took long walks at night without worry and talked to their neighbors with manners. Now if one drives through south Yonkers, now referred to as the ghetto, he/she will not feel as safe. Houses are now falling apart; and the streets are dirty, filled with drugs. Gang violence and crime is increasing every year. More and more people are killing their own race or either killing other races over drugs, and street respect. A few months ago on Warburton Ave., "a twenty five year old African American was shot by another African American because of a turf war."(News 12) The guy who was shot offended the suspect for selling drugs on his side of the street. An example of gang-related violence is between the Arabs and the Hispanics.