Biological Warfare

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What will the media choose next? The front page of every virtually every newspaper and magazine on the shelves today features the latest findings regarding the terrorist attacks on America on September the 11th. The media has bombarded the public with countless versions of the recent events, with each news source desperately attempting to place a new spin on the story to attract readers to their particular publication. The article "What Will Be Next?" written by Nicole Johnston and published in the highly respected Canadian magazine, Maclean's, attempts to educate the reader concerning the possibility of biological warfare as the next genre of attack on North America. The main argument concerns the debate as to how openly the issue of biological warfare should be discussed. The commentary begins with an anecdote about an owner of a military surplus store in British Columbia who is overwhelmed by paranoid customers shopping for survival gear such as gas masks and chemical suits.

The article states that these people have the right to be apprehensive, but the issue of protection should not be of concern to the individual; it should be the affair of the government, the health system and trained physicians.

The composition is directed at the general public, as the issue of terrorist attacks is one that significantly impacts all citizens. It acquires a slight Canadian bias, in attempt to create national relevance to an American subject, by citing Canadian experts and expressing civilian's concerns. The article is written in a concise fashion in conformation to the conventions of a magazine that consists of pieces with differing subject matters. It is enhanced by eye- catching photographs depicting an intimidating, camouflaged man and infected people sprawled out in a street following a biological attack. The images are intended to instill fear...