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Jesilyn Ramsey

English 111:39

Ms. Little

30 September 2014

I have always thought that the beach was an awesome. Ever since I was a small child I have always loved the beach. I love the way the water splashes up on the shore and turns to foam. I also love how the water crashes on the shore and takes the sand away under your feet as it goes back out into the ocean. I believe everyone should go to the beach at least once in their life. The wonders people can experience are endless. I can remember my first time at the beach.

I was five years old. It was July, 2001. My parents took my brother, my cousin, and me to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. My uncle Rick-my Dad's brother- had rented a beach house for everyone. Not only was Rick's family there waiting for us, but my Dad's other brothers and their families were on the way as well.

Rick and his wife Karen live in Phoenix, Arizona and we don't get to see them that often. I was excited. My cousin Dillon was there and we were going to celebrate his eleventh birthday. When we arrived I quickly got out of the car along with Ben, my brother and AJ, my cousin. We convinced Rick and Karen to take us to the beach while my Mom and Dad unpacked. We walked the three blocks down the street and I saw the water crashing on the shore and I couldn't wait to jump in. However, it was late in the evening and I had to wait until the next day.

I didn't have any trouble falling asleep that first night as we had traveled all day. Rehoboth Beach is a nine hour drive from Boones Mill, Virginia. There was lots of road construction all along the way. We couldn't get their fast enough. As we got closer I remember riding across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. It was so long and high above the water. I was a little frightened. My mother- she was terrified of heights- was very scared. It took a few minutes to get to the other side in Maryland. Seeing the Atlantic Ocean for the first time really excited me.

I started thinking about all the things I was going to do. I couldn't wait to jump in the ocean and play in the sand. I was going to play in the sand and watch all the boats. I also knew there would be an amusement park there. It was going to be the best of both worlds- fun in the ocean and on land.

Day two arrived and we finally went to the beach. My mom and dad took us into the water and played with us for a long time. After what seemed like a long time, my parents helped us out of the water and let us play in the sand. My uncle buried my brother Ben in the sand. Ben thought it was so cool. I guess it was. I know it was funny. I believe we were on the beach all day. Later, it was time to go back to the house and get a nap and some dinner. As much as I didn't want to I think a nap was exactly what we needed.

After dinner and a nap we walked down to the boardwalk and went to the small amusement park located there. We played games and rode a few "kiddie" rides. There were a few of the rides that scared me. Okay, maybe they all scared me. But hey, I was here for the beach. Either way, I was having a great time with my family.

A couple of days later we went Rick and Karen's beach house to my cousin Dillon's birthday party. I remember there was a lake and I wanted a canoe ride across the lake. My cousins Lauren and Monica who were thirteen or fourteen (much older than I was) started shuttling people across the lake in their canoe. I was scared so my dad had to ride with AJ and me. But it was still a blast. However, I still think the beach was the most fun of all.

The last day of our vacation my parents tried to do everything with us. We went to the beach but only for a little while. Then we went shopping and exploring on the boardwalk. We bought some t-shirts and other souvenirs for my grandmother back home in Virginia. After that, we went back to the amusement park and rode more of the kiddie rides. At the end of the day I was exhausted.

The next day, we got up early to get a start on all the traffic we would run into. I wasn't ready to leave. I slept most of the way home. I would have preferred staying longer but, with most vacations they must end. To this day I still love the beach as it is my favorite place to go. Whenever I go, all the sights, sounds, and tastes come back to me. They remind me of my first trip and every once in a while, I wish I was five years old again.

I sometimes wonder if people take the time to enjoy their families, either on vacation or just staying home. There is something special about spending time with your family. Ironically, spending a little time with family can be like a vacation. When I am with loved ones reminiscing about old times or looking through pictures of memories or just talking about years gone by it's like a vacation all over again. I guess I feel that just spending time with the people I love is like getting away from real life for a while. I only hope everyone can feel this way.