Biology of crime

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Crime in the English dictionary is described as " an action or an instance of negligencethat is deemed injurious to the public welfare or morals or to the interests of the state andthat is legally prohibited". Have you ever wondered what causes an individual to act out thesecrimes? There are two theories experts do believe play key roles. The first one beingenvironmental influences. We as individuals grow up differently from one another. The waywe are brought up, the society in which we are brought up, morals introduced to us, socialclass and so forth mould us into what we become. Another example of environmentalinfluences is media. There have been quite a few examples in the past where the crimecommitted ( in a lot of cases murder) was due to influence such as music, video games andeven movies. Just a couple of years ago a teen in the united kingdom was found guilty formurdering his brother with a plastic bag ( suffocating him to death).

When investigated thepolice were alarmed to find that the teen had cultivated this horrendous crime from apopular video game. This disgusting game had teens playing a criminal who was to go aroundkilling people in different manors the more gruesome the death the more points, luckily thegame was pulled off shelves. Just recently a minister has stirred up debates about therapper Jay z. The minister claimed one of Jays Z's songs had a hidden message in it. Heplayed the track backwards and surely without a doubt " Murder Murder her" was playedback to a stunned crowd.

The Second theory is believed to be a biological factor. What is this you ask, first letstake a look back at history to better determine and explain what biological genetics really is andwhere it comes from. In the 19th century it was...